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Matthias Schaller: With a text by Germano Celant




Just released: 

Matthias Schaller is a retrospective of Schaller’s photography in book form, presenting all his major bodies of work from the last thirteen years such as the series Studio Gursky (2000), documenting Andreas Gursky’s Düsseldorf studio; Die Mühle(2001–02), showing the studio-home of Bernd and Hilla Becher; the private offices of the government of the catholic church (Roman Curia) in Purple Desk (2004-2008), paint palettes of the most renown painters of the last 200 years in Das Meisterstück(since 2007); Controfacciata (2008), color-drained images of the interiors of Venetian palaces. Further his works on astronaut suitsDisportraits (2008-2009), Venetian mirrors Leiermann (since 2010), radar images taken in the Gran Canal in Fledermaus (2012) and photographs from vinyl records of Punk music between 1976 and 1978 in Punk City (2012). Presenting thumbnail images of all these series and a bibliography, this book is the perfect entry-point to Schaller’s oeuvre and a comprehensive summary of it.