An Overview of Matthias Schaller: The Palettes of Famous Artists

Matthias Schaller is a German artist who is focused on bringing out a collection of classical artists’ conceptual portraits. He has been emphasizing raw and abstract paintings since 2007. Das Meisterstuck or The Masterpiece is a famous series by Matthias Schaller which is a sequence of abstract paintings. He has focussed on the identities of many popular artists and the unique techniques they use in their paintings. He has laid a special emphasis on the palettes that are tools used to craft each painting.

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Schaller once visited Cy Twombly’s late studio which highly inspired him to start a photographic collection. His eyes caught on the palette of the artist which he identified to be the exact reflection of the painting by the artist. He spent his time studying the relation between the painting and the palette. Schaller has a collection of about 200 photographs of these historic paintings. He has collected palettes from different places like the United States and Europe from museums, foundations, and even from the personal collections of the painter’s relatives. The photographs of the palettes in his series are of the popular painters of the 19th and 20th centuries like van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Edgar Degas, etc. Schaller uses a large format to present images so that every detail included in the paint hue and the brushstroke can be easily and accurately analyzed.

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Schaller considers non-traditional portraits as “indirect portraits”. He was successful in giving the world arts a different insight into the journey the artist undergoes in bringing out his artwork. He came with a series of high-definition photography which made the palette be portrayed as a unique piece of art that told the stories of the legacies of the great artists. The torn-out photographs that brought out a spark in the artists, the dried-up paint tubes that brought life to the ideas, and preparatory sketches that were frequently modified until the result was achieved, everything had a heart-touching story to tell.

Schaller was right when he said that palette was the most touching part of an artist’s artwork journey. The traces of paint that were swirled or scraped, the track of palette knife or brush, the colors with its dots and blobs that combined to form different shades, everything had a life of its own.

Palettes are very intimate to the artists and they can explain the way the artist worked. They explained the artist’s preference of colors, the mix they usually used, and the way they used to pass on the paints to their canvas. Schaller’s ‘The palettes of famous artists’ inspired even the common people to try to read the story of the painter looking at the palette he used for his painting. Thus Schaller could bring a revolution in the painting world with his idea of photographing the palettes of world-famous artists. The series by Schaller is considered a trendsetter in the world of arts and paintings.